Monday, August 2, 2010

My Favorite Beauty Blog

One of my favorite beauty and fashion blog sites is found here April Athena 7. Because of my constant research about Invisalign treatment, I found her beauty blog. After reading her post about Invisalign, I got amazed of her beauty tips and honest reviews of different products. She maintains a Youtube channel too. There are lots of make-up and beauty products featured in her blog. It's really interesting to read. Although she's an Asian, she's able to blend her life well in California. She's a model, I think, because her posts include her modeling gigs.

I'm really fond of fashion blog sites especially when the blogger or site owner is having give away products for visitors. I also enjoyed the blogger's post about her love life with Justin and her kittens. I'm so amazed of their pictures taken in different places. The blog is my first stop when visiting beauty blogs and fashion sites. From her site, I got to visit loads of beauty blogs from different places. That only means that her beauty blog is popular. Lastly, my favorite post in the said site is Ziba Beauty Modleing Gig. Why? I just love the pictures. I really enjoyed reading the post that I even bookmarked it. You may visit many fashion blog sites linked to April Athena 7.



Karen Joy said...

I've visited April Athena7's blog. It's so nice! I discovered that she's getting married this August. Have you seen her pre-nup photos? The said photos are awesome! I'm curious about the photographer.

Speaking of photographer, I got the chance to know one of the best Tagaytay City Digital Photographers. That was when my friend, Cassey, celebrated her birthday. Her photos taken by the said photographer looked great!

Trendy Karen said...

Awesome! I'm also a fan of April Athena. I was inspired of her blog post about a trip to Hawaii. Because of that enticing post, I visited a local Resort in Cavite, the famous Mount Sea Resort. I like the place because of its amazing swimming pools, comfortable accommodation and delectable food. Of all Cavite resorts, the place is my choice of venue for my upcoming birthday celebration.

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