Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy in Cebu City With Michelle

Living in Cebu City for three months is at first, not interesting. I remember staying in the boat going to the city for three hours because of a mechanical defect, that is, docking delayed. When I arrived in the city, I have no friend to fetch me and my huge traveling bag. However, things felt different when I see another angle of the experience. I met a kind, diligent, vibrant, and valiant girl named Michelle. She was proselyting with her companion when I  called her to ask where the LDS chapel is located. That was the start of a memorable journey in Cebu City with Michelle and other full-time missionary friends.

There are three things I really liked about Michelle. First, I really felt that she loved being in the city. She can still speak Visayan language so perfectly. Her emails for me are written in Visayan and I am so proud because I am a Visayan although my province is far from Cebu. Second, Michelle is very thoughtful. During our visits with church members, I cannot remember that I felt bored in the activities we had. I had an experience eating balut with her and some of the Sikatuna ward members.  Lastly, Michelle is a good leader and missionary. By her example, I stood strong all the time. I want to thank her also of the book, Jesus The Christ, she gave me, of which my husband loves to read.


Karen Joy said...

Wow! I noticed the awesome photo. I remember our trip in Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite. We had enjoyed an exciting day tour with my family and best friends. We had a great view of Manila Bay and the surrounding area.

Well, my sister loves to spend a vacation at Cavite resorts. Her personal choices of tourist destinations include Mount Sea resorts and Island Cove. I can attest that she loves swimming at Mount Sea compared to other travel spots.

Thank you for sharing the inspiring post. I've learned a lot because of your blog.

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