Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enzo and Ice Today

When we took Ice with us, I realized that she's one of the funniest dogs in the neighborhood. I heard her first cry of freedom right before we arrived home. Demanding, huh? But I loved her for that. She used to play with my husbands socks and my fashion clothes. Fashionista?I don't think so. She's just obsessed with colorful and clanging objects. Until recently, Ice stopped playing with our things and just focused on sleeping. We suspect, our dog is pregnant. Who's the Daddy?

Enzo.He's my favorite fur kid. He's not only clever, he knows when to comfort me when I'm sad. We call Enzo as Ice's boyfriend. They're every close and the only thing that could separate them and makes them on war footing is food. We feed them the food they really like, still they occasionally fight over food. We love Enzo and Ice very much. They're our 24/7 home security guards. We always love to see them playing around.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Life of A Bunny Giveaway

I stumbled another beauty and fashion blog site while browsing beauty products, my latest wants. A Life of A Bunny blog is having a giveaway for her loyal and new followers. I admit, it's my first time to visit her blog, but I'm already amazed of her beauty finds and interesting posts. I love also her blog template because of the red hearts that I see. I also noticed the color of the font used, PINK!, and I you noticed also that I loved anything pink. So, I decided to write a post about her blog giveaway, check out this beauty and fashion blog site A Life of a Bunny Giveaway to enter and have fun. It's open to international bloggers so many of you friends may join. The same thing, just follow the rules and read some of her incredible posts.

Thanks! Summer Bubbles.

Three Hundred Follower Giveaway Olivia Writes Blog

Many of my friends don't know that I love everything about make-ups, anything pink and shiny, and also other beauty and health products. When I see any of those things anywhere like in magazines and while shopping, I take pictures or buy some items. It follows that I also like beauty blogs, especially fashion blog sites! Here in this post, I will write about Three Hundred Follower Giveaway from Olivia Writes blog. I will be posting her giveaway picture below this post and check out the link I had here. Olivia had three hundred followers already so she's giving giveaways for that. It's also applicable internationally, so many of you friends my join. You just have to follow what she wrote as instructions in order to enter such treat from Olivia. Thanks and bye for now! Summer Bubbles for Olivia Writes fashion blog site.


Monday, August 2, 2010

It's All About Goyard Trunk

Maybe it's a coincidence that Goyard Trunk reinforce Louis Vuitton line of the same kind. In this post, I just want to take notes of the recent fashion item through it's all about Goyard Trunk post. I checked a celebrity fashion blog to know more of the product.

Description. Goyard is a Parisian luxurious luggage maker. The company was founded way back in 1853. Goyard Trunk are bought and used by some celebrities and royalty clients, hence the product is highly exclusive. In order to avoid imitations, wealthy buyers are reminded to check the materials used and texture of the luggage.

The Website. I found Goyard  and read its history, news, stores and press section. If you happen to visit the site, you will find its utter simplicity and great command of attraction. See? There are only few stores or places where Goyard Trunk is offered, namely: Paris, Beverly Hills, Boston, Kyoto, London, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, San Paolo, Seoul, and Tokyo. I read about this fact also from a celebrity fashion blog.

The News. Goyard is coming out with a limited edition book about the history of the bag company. There will be a release of  limited copies of the said book, like 233 copies, and available via special order only. With the book, there is also an accompanying custom trunk priced at about $7,250. Check out Luxist for more details. It's an interesting celebrity fashion blog or site. 

Source: Sybarites

My Favorite Beauty Blog

One of my favorite beauty and fashion blog sites is found here April Athena 7. Because of my constant research about Invisalign treatment, I found her beauty blog. After reading her post about Invisalign, I got amazed of her beauty tips and honest reviews of different products. She maintains a Youtube channel too. There are lots of make-up and beauty products featured in her blog. It's really interesting to read. Although she's an Asian, she's able to blend her life well in California. She's a model, I think, because her posts include her modeling gigs.

I'm really fond of fashion blog sites especially when the blogger or site owner is having give away products for visitors. I also enjoyed the blogger's post about her love life with Justin and her kittens. I'm so amazed of their pictures taken in different places. The blog is my first stop when visiting beauty blogs and fashion sites. From her site, I got to visit loads of beauty blogs from different places. That only means that her beauty blog is popular. Lastly, my favorite post in the said site is Ziba Beauty Modleing Gig. Why? I just love the pictures. I really enjoyed reading the post that I even bookmarked it. You may visit many fashion blog sites linked to April Athena 7.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Importance of Cars

Many people want's to try and buy the latest cars sold in the metro. Essentially, it's true that cars created a great impact of people's lives. Having a car is considered luxury for so many years. But as of this time, owning a car is considered a necessity. Many people work far away from their homes in exchange of higher pay and greater benefits so that they needed good transportation arrangement every work day. With that, cars are technical advancements that make society prosper in a faster pace.

The first advantage of having a car is the freedom to move freely. You can go anywhere you want without having to commute and wait in long queues for a train ride of any public vehicle. If there is an emergency, having a car to use is a blessing. The second advantage is to avoid being late in every appointment. The rich and wealthy sector in the society is known to have owned the latest cars sold in the market. Nowadays, middle class individuals can afford to have the latest cars offered by car dealers. Aside from that, the car industry worldwide is fast developing. All kinds of cars in different sizes, colors, design and prices emerge in the market daily. People just buy according to their lifestyle and needs.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy in Cebu City With Michelle

Living in Cebu City for three months is at first, not interesting. I remember staying in the boat going to the city for three hours because of a mechanical defect, that is, docking delayed. When I arrived in the city, I have no friend to fetch me and my huge traveling bag. However, things felt different when I see another angle of the experience. I met a kind, diligent, vibrant, and valiant girl named Michelle. She was proselyting with her companion when I  called her to ask where the LDS chapel is located. That was the start of a memorable journey in Cebu City with Michelle and other full-time missionary friends.

There are three things I really liked about Michelle. First, I really felt that she loved being in the city. She can still speak Visayan language so perfectly. Her emails for me are written in Visayan and I am so proud because I am a Visayan although my province is far from Cebu. Second, Michelle is very thoughtful. During our visits with church members, I cannot remember that I felt bored in the activities we had. I had an experience eating balut with her and some of the Sikatuna ward members.  Lastly, Michelle is a good leader and missionary. By her example, I stood strong all the time. I want to thank her also of the book, Jesus The Christ, she gave me, of which my husband loves to read.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Bessie High School Classmate

Since Summer Bubbles is a friendship blog, I will post here, from time to time, fond memories of my friends. The first person to be featured here is.....Bessie! I remembered her as that bubbly lass with a new story to tell every now and then. She speaks louder than an average gal in the corner. I like her sunny personality and friendly vibes. I will not mention her codename here. It's a six-letter-word with matching funny line...(hey ......!)..(:! As of this time, I have no news about her, that's why I missed her. Facebook? Well, that's where I found Super Bessie again.

Why super Bessie? I don't know. As a writer, that idea just came right to me. And I said, "tomorrow, I will write something about Bessie". And where's Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I read that line in her shirt eons ago, I thought that was referring to her daughter. For so long, I missed those days when I was with them, including Bessie. Things are not always smooth when I was with them, but I love the journey. Her role in our high school drama sessions? A supporting actress to Rhed, which is our next featured lady in Summer Bubbles next post. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer's Desire Summer Bubbles

Alright, I will accept the fact that I based the title of this blog from Summer's Desire Taiwanese drama, featuring my favorite actress Barbie Xu. Surely, you will remember Barbie Xu in Meteor's Garden I and II and also Love in the Corner. According to some of her fans, she can play well whatever character her directors give her. She is a star, fashion icon, animal lover, singer and beautiful Taiwanese actress. By this time, she played a character of a singer who is intertwined by the love of two guys. She used to endure the role of being a superstar's assistant in Summer's Desire or otherwise known as Summer Bubbles.

I watched the first few episodes of the drama through Youtube and other entertainment websites featuring my favorite, Barbie Xu. I noticed her hairstyle in this drama. Far from having such a long straight hair, she donned a curly long hair in Summer Bubbles. Her two leading me also looked good in their superstar and manly clothing styles. The plot of the story is also intriguing and unique because the stars are going to play as superstars and singers. The role of a young master is also present in this Taiwanese drama. After all the episodes are shown, I am planning to purchase the complete series in DVD and watch the drama at home.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Karate Kid Movie Review

It's amazing that Jaden Smith showed his innocence and style in Karate Kid. This Karate Kid movie review is focused on the fun side of the movie. There is violence-when it was shown that some kids ganged up Jaden's character, but it was done to make the story justifiable. And there's Jackie Chan. It's not surprising that kids love him. Both Jackie and Jaden made a good tandem in the movie Karate Kid. The story revolves around their unexpected friendship until such time that they shared life's experiences and the art of moving forward. Jackie Chan's character is also well-loved by older people because of his proper way of showing kids the right values regardless of race, color, and status.

It's also noticeable that Jaden's crush is so beautiful. She played well her piece using the violin. She is so lovely in her yellow blouse. The location or setting is also very beautiful. That is Beijing. Have you noticed the bridge?It's so breathtaking. One thing that is unforgettable in Karate Kid is the cobra woman. Indeed, the cobra imitated the woman in still Kung Fu moves. The scenic beauty of the location is something that I really like in watching the movie. Lastly, the lesson learned in the movie is the ability to be resilient in every situation. Despite the fact that both mother and child moved to a distant land, they were able to adapt the culture of China. Enjoy watching Karate Kid!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Like A Pyramid

Solid rock, that should be the foundation of a strong relationship. Pyramid is a hit song of Charice Pempengco. In this post, we base our ideas in the song. I know that all successful relationships surpass trials. The truth is, there is no perfect relationship. We only have the choice to make it near perfect. Angry couples are trying to choose between leaving it behind or moving on- no matter how tough the current situation is. Young couples are thinking why things happened that way, like partners having an affair with others, lack of funds- but then, parents should guide them. There are scenarios that are hard to understand. Married couples leave their homes and entrust their children to their parents. Some even killed each other. The reasons? The reasons include pain, anger, disrespect, immorality, and infidelity.

In today's world, married couples must let their love grow strong like a pyramid. It should be build in solid foundation. How? There are people out there who share their experiences through Internet, magazines, church handbooks, newspapers, and even journals. Search after these materials. It takes time to achieve such a grandiose ideal, but it helps a lot to make a marriage work and last forever. Like a pyramid, love should blossom day by day, showered by affection and faith, and through the guidance of God. When I listened to Charice Pempengco's song with Ludacris, I understood that pyramid is the best example to express a strong and unconditional love relationship.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Friends in Bloggers Website

When I say Bloggers Website, I am referring to that bloggers community that is so cool. Why? I have friends there, and these people always visit my other blog. But before mentioning my friends there, I would like to share some thoughts about the site. Bloggers is a blogging network for all blog owners. It is easy to become a member of the site. You just have to register, enroll your blog, and then choose a badge. It is important to choose a blog and place in it in your blog because it will be their basis for blog verification. Hence, there should be a single badge in your blog from the site. After 24 hours, your blog will be listed in their directory once they detected the badge in your site. It is also free to join the site and it's one way of increasing traffic in your blog.

There are three people that I always remember in These people are Beanizer_05, Bella, and Ambiguous_angel.  These bloggers always visit my blog. They also leave comments. I remember also a friend there who always post nice comments, although very long to read. Still, I consider it sweet. Someone also loves to rate your blog and give additional comments. In short, people there are friendly. So, if you are looking for a blogging network, I suggest Bloggers.

Leelou Blogs

Lady Mishil Character in Queen Seon Deok

The character of Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok is still hunting me despite the fact that the said television series was only shown in Korean television last 2009. When I got a dvd coy of the said Korean drama, I tried to watch the whole series and I really enjoyed its nice plot and great acting of the actors and actresses. What caught my attention is the character of Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok. It is refreshing yet evil. It is also unique yet common wherein ladies are known witty nowadays. And when she smile, I can see different meanings-from feelings of lost love to revenge- and all the feelings she shared reflected a female warrior.

When Lady Mishil is about to kill herself, she also thought of her son, Bidam. It may not be a wise move to allow Bidam be her successor, but it was some kind of motherly love. It may be mysterious, but we can see how she valued her son of King Jinji. We know also of Lady Mishil's love for Sadaham. It was known to be true and fateful. Lady Mishil's character in Queen Seon Deok also captured the hearts of many viewers, allowing her to fill their minds as women of power and capabilities. I for one, loved how she remained resolute and witty.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love Is All About Understanding

Believe me, love is not perfect. That is why you have to make love perfect for it to work. Each lover is not also perfect, so the term "understanding" fits the scene. I am amazed to find people who views love as a  "happy ending". But no, it is not true. Love is a constant vow to understand the person you loved. Without understanding. love hardly thrive in a world like this-full of trials, surprises, temptations, and lies.

I remember a friend Daniel who married a stranger instead of his childhood sweetheart. Although the girl thought it was a heartless move, she tried to move on and find sometime who is true to her. Another person believes that his family is the "thing" that matters. Without his wife and son, he thinks he cannot survive in this world. What made them last for long? Understanding. He told me about that. It's simple, but true.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Summer Afternoon

That summer afternoon, there was a huge shift in my life. I always wanted to live a life with you. But, fate is sometimes funny. Unreliable as it is, I lost everything I had because you wanted to take your nod with destiny. That was my destiny. You told me to take a safer road but not with you. I said, "it's not possible". But later on, I realized that it is feasible. Why? I will have the chance to revise my dreams. I will have the chance to dream bigger things. It was like saying, "then, try to live life without my shadow". From then on, I tried and tried to shape a life that is fair. Fair enough that I have to start from step one.

One summer afternoon, I realized that you are right. At this time, that safer road that you said is visible. I have someone by my side who loves God more than me but loves me more than anything else. Isn't it lovely? This new life is a reflection of how you wanted me to get out of that "fateful" dream. So, the days of talking about strange things are over. We take our separate roads already. I think I am fine now. But how about you? Did you find that safer road that you deserve? Admittedly, I cried when I finally turn to leave you. But this time, I was amazed on how things turn out to be. Indeed, this is a safer road. With this summer afternoon, life is already fair.

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