Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Summer Afternoon

That summer afternoon, there was a huge shift in my life. I always wanted to live a life with you. But, fate is sometimes funny. Unreliable as it is, I lost everything I had because you wanted to take your nod with destiny. That was my destiny. You told me to take a safer road but not with you. I said, "it's not possible". But later on, I realized that it is feasible. Why? I will have the chance to revise my dreams. I will have the chance to dream bigger things. It was like saying, "then, try to live life without my shadow". From then on, I tried and tried to shape a life that is fair. Fair enough that I have to start from step one.

One summer afternoon, I realized that you are right. At this time, that safer road that you said is visible. I have someone by my side who loves God more than me but loves me more than anything else. Isn't it lovely? This new life is a reflection of how you wanted me to get out of that "fateful" dream. So, the days of talking about strange things are over. We take our separate roads already. I think I am fine now. But how about you? Did you find that safer road that you deserve? Admittedly, I cried when I finally turn to leave you. But this time, I was amazed on how things turn out to be. Indeed, this is a safer road. With this summer afternoon, life is already fair.


Sheena said...

Well, I can relate to this post. I'm really impressed with your ability to purge the freshest emotions I have this time.

One summer afternoon, I had the best time with my best friend, Leo, at the enchanting place Mountsea Resorts in Cavite. It's the best place of all Cavite resorts that I've known because it's there that I felt calm and contented. I have problems lately that's why I need a refreshing place to think and relax.

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