Sunday, July 11, 2010

Like A Pyramid

Solid rock, that should be the foundation of a strong relationship. Pyramid is a hit song of Charice Pempengco. In this post, we base our ideas in the song. I know that all successful relationships surpass trials. The truth is, there is no perfect relationship. We only have the choice to make it near perfect. Angry couples are trying to choose between leaving it behind or moving on- no matter how tough the current situation is. Young couples are thinking why things happened that way, like partners having an affair with others, lack of funds- but then, parents should guide them. There are scenarios that are hard to understand. Married couples leave their homes and entrust their children to their parents. Some even killed each other. The reasons? The reasons include pain, anger, disrespect, immorality, and infidelity.

In today's world, married couples must let their love grow strong like a pyramid. It should be build in solid foundation. How? There are people out there who share their experiences through Internet, magazines, church handbooks, newspapers, and even journals. Search after these materials. It takes time to achieve such a grandiose ideal, but it helps a lot to make a marriage work and last forever. Like a pyramid, love should blossom day by day, showered by affection and faith, and through the guidance of God. When I listened to Charice Pempengco's song with Ludacris, I understood that pyramid is the best example to express a strong and unconditional love relationship.



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