Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Life of A Bunny Giveaway

I stumbled another beauty and fashion blog site while browsing beauty products, my latest wants. A Life of A Bunny blog is having a giveaway for her loyal and new followers. I admit, it's my first time to visit her blog, but I'm already amazed of her beauty finds and interesting posts. I love also her blog template because of the red hearts that I see. I also noticed the color of the font used, PINK!, and I you noticed also that I loved anything pink. So, I decided to write a post about her blog giveaway, check out this beauty and fashion blog site A Life of a Bunny Giveaway to enter and have fun. It's open to international bloggers so many of you friends may join. The same thing, just follow the rules and read some of her incredible posts.

Thanks! Summer Bubbles.

Three Hundred Follower Giveaway Olivia Writes Blog

Many of my friends don't know that I love everything about make-ups, anything pink and shiny, and also other beauty and health products. When I see any of those things anywhere like in magazines and while shopping, I take pictures or buy some items. It follows that I also like beauty blogs, especially fashion blog sites! Here in this post, I will write about Three Hundred Follower Giveaway from Olivia Writes blog. I will be posting her giveaway picture below this post and check out the link I had here. Olivia had three hundred followers already so she's giving giveaways for that. It's also applicable internationally, so many of you friends my join. You just have to follow what she wrote as instructions in order to enter such treat from Olivia. Thanks and bye for now! Summer Bubbles for Olivia Writes fashion blog site.


Monday, August 2, 2010

It's All About Goyard Trunk

Maybe it's a coincidence that Goyard Trunk reinforce Louis Vuitton line of the same kind. In this post, I just want to take notes of the recent fashion item through it's all about Goyard Trunk post. I checked a celebrity fashion blog to know more of the product.

Description. Goyard is a Parisian luxurious luggage maker. The company was founded way back in 1853. Goyard Trunk are bought and used by some celebrities and royalty clients, hence the product is highly exclusive. In order to avoid imitations, wealthy buyers are reminded to check the materials used and texture of the luggage.

The Website. I found Goyard  and read its history, news, stores and press section. If you happen to visit the site, you will find its utter simplicity and great command of attraction. See? There are only few stores or places where Goyard Trunk is offered, namely: Paris, Beverly Hills, Boston, Kyoto, London, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, San Paolo, Seoul, and Tokyo. I read about this fact also from a celebrity fashion blog.

The News. Goyard is coming out with a limited edition book about the history of the bag company. There will be a release of  limited copies of the said book, like 233 copies, and available via special order only. With the book, there is also an accompanying custom trunk priced at about $7,250. Check out Luxist for more details. It's an interesting celebrity fashion blog or site. 

Source: Sybarites

My Favorite Beauty Blog

One of my favorite beauty and fashion blog sites is found here April Athena 7. Because of my constant research about Invisalign treatment, I found her beauty blog. After reading her post about Invisalign, I got amazed of her beauty tips and honest reviews of different products. She maintains a Youtube channel too. There are lots of make-up and beauty products featured in her blog. It's really interesting to read. Although she's an Asian, she's able to blend her life well in California. She's a model, I think, because her posts include her modeling gigs.

I'm really fond of fashion blog sites especially when the blogger or site owner is having give away products for visitors. I also enjoyed the blogger's post about her love life with Justin and her kittens. I'm so amazed of their pictures taken in different places. The blog is my first stop when visiting beauty blogs and fashion sites. From her site, I got to visit loads of beauty blogs from different places. That only means that her beauty blog is popular. Lastly, my favorite post in the said site is Ziba Beauty Modleing Gig. Why? I just love the pictures. I really enjoyed reading the post that I even bookmarked it. You may visit many fashion blog sites linked to April Athena 7.

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