Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Bessie High School Classmate

Since Summer Bubbles is a friendship blog, I will post here, from time to time, fond memories of my friends. The first person to be featured here is.....Bessie! I remembered her as that bubbly lass with a new story to tell every now and then. She speaks louder than an average gal in the corner. I like her sunny personality and friendly vibes. I will not mention her codename here. It's a six-letter-word with matching funny line...(hey ......!)..(:! As of this time, I have no news about her, that's why I missed her. Facebook? Well, that's where I found Super Bessie again.

Why super Bessie? I don't know. As a writer, that idea just came right to me. And I said, "tomorrow, I will write something about Bessie". And where's Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I read that line in her shirt eons ago, I thought that was referring to her daughter. For so long, I missed those days when I was with them, including Bessie. Things are not always smooth when I was with them, but I love the journey. Her role in our high school drama sessions? A supporting actress to Rhed, which is our next featured lady in Summer Bubbles next post. Have a nice day!


Trendy Karen said...

I think you're very friendly. You really know how to value your friends.

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