Monday, July 12, 2010

Karate Kid Movie Review

It's amazing that Jaden Smith showed his innocence and style in Karate Kid. This Karate Kid movie review is focused on the fun side of the movie. There is violence-when it was shown that some kids ganged up Jaden's character, but it was done to make the story justifiable. And there's Jackie Chan. It's not surprising that kids love him. Both Jackie and Jaden made a good tandem in the movie Karate Kid. The story revolves around their unexpected friendship until such time that they shared life's experiences and the art of moving forward. Jackie Chan's character is also well-loved by older people because of his proper way of showing kids the right values regardless of race, color, and status.

It's also noticeable that Jaden's crush is so beautiful. She played well her piece using the violin. She is so lovely in her yellow blouse. The location or setting is also very beautiful. That is Beijing. Have you noticed the bridge?It's so breathtaking. One thing that is unforgettable in Karate Kid is the cobra woman. Indeed, the cobra imitated the woman in still Kung Fu moves. The scenic beauty of the location is something that I really like in watching the movie. Lastly, the lesson learned in the movie is the ability to be resilient in every situation. Despite the fact that both mother and child moved to a distant land, they were able to adapt the culture of China. Enjoy watching Karate Kid!


Summer Paige said...

I really like this movie! So cool!

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