Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enzo and Ice Today

When we took Ice with us, I realized that she's one of the funniest dogs in the neighborhood. I heard her first cry of freedom right before we arrived home. Demanding, huh? But I loved her for that. She used to play with my husbands socks and my fashion clothes. Fashionista?I don't think so. She's just obsessed with colorful and clanging objects. Until recently, Ice stopped playing with our things and just focused on sleeping. We suspect, our dog is pregnant. Who's the Daddy?

Enzo.He's my favorite fur kid. He's not only clever, he knows when to comfort me when I'm sad. We call Enzo as Ice's boyfriend. They're every close and the only thing that could separate them and makes them on war footing is food. We feed them the food they really like, still they occasionally fight over food. We love Enzo and Ice very much. They're our 24/7 home security guards. We always love to see them playing around.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Life of A Bunny Giveaway

I stumbled another beauty and fashion blog site while browsing beauty products, my latest wants. A Life of A Bunny blog is having a giveaway for her loyal and new followers. I admit, it's my first time to visit her blog, but I'm already amazed of her beauty finds and interesting posts. I love also her blog template because of the red hearts that I see. I also noticed the color of the font used, PINK!, and I you noticed also that I loved anything pink. So, I decided to write a post about her blog giveaway, check out this beauty and fashion blog site A Life of a Bunny Giveaway to enter and have fun. It's open to international bloggers so many of you friends may join. The same thing, just follow the rules and read some of her incredible posts.

Thanks! Summer Bubbles.

Three Hundred Follower Giveaway Olivia Writes Blog

Many of my friends don't know that I love everything about make-ups, anything pink and shiny, and also other beauty and health products. When I see any of those things anywhere like in magazines and while shopping, I take pictures or buy some items. It follows that I also like beauty blogs, especially fashion blog sites! Here in this post, I will write about Three Hundred Follower Giveaway from Olivia Writes blog. I will be posting her giveaway picture below this post and check out the link I had here. Olivia had three hundred followers already so she's giving giveaways for that. It's also applicable internationally, so many of you friends my join. You just have to follow what she wrote as instructions in order to enter such treat from Olivia. Thanks and bye for now! Summer Bubbles for Olivia Writes fashion blog site.

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