Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer's Desire Summer Bubbles

Alright, I will accept the fact that I based the title of this blog from Summer's Desire Taiwanese drama, featuring my favorite actress Barbie Xu. Surely, you will remember Barbie Xu in Meteor's Garden I and II and also Love in the Corner. According to some of her fans, she can play well whatever character her directors give her. She is a star, fashion icon, animal lover, singer and beautiful Taiwanese actress. By this time, she played a character of a singer who is intertwined by the love of two guys. She used to endure the role of being a superstar's assistant in Summer's Desire or otherwise known as Summer Bubbles.

I watched the first few episodes of the drama through Youtube and other entertainment websites featuring my favorite, Barbie Xu. I noticed her hairstyle in this drama. Far from having such a long straight hair, she donned a curly long hair in Summer Bubbles. Her two leading me also looked good in their superstar and manly clothing styles. The plot of the story is also intriguing and unique because the stars are going to play as superstars and singers. The role of a young master is also present in this Taiwanese drama. After all the episodes are shown, I am planning to purchase the complete series in DVD and watch the drama at home.


Sheena said...

It sounds funny, but when my friends and I experienced a two-day stay at Mountsea Resorts in Cavite, we were talking about Barbie Xu and her wedding. It's so sad that we don't have access to her latest news these days.

Anyway, we enjoyed our stay at Mountsea Resorts. Of all Cavite resorts, it's one of the tourist spot that we want to rediscover.

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